Beautiful Weekend


I am slowly but surely starting to purchase things for BBH.  I honestly cannot wait for his arrival.  And I honestly cannot believe that I am having a little boy! This will definitely be a brand new experience for the Harper family.  We are so used to pink and tutus and princesses around our house, so needless to say my husband may be quite thankful and relieved to have some boyish toys and activities surrounding us on a daily basis.

Dan and I had our small group on Friday so Madi spent the night at her Grammy and Papa's house.  I picked her up on Saturday morning and we headed out to Target for a light shopping trip and some Mommy and Madi time.  I can tell she definitely looks forward to spending some alone time with me and we get to do our favorite things together like shopping and grabbing dessert.  She is my little gal pal.  Such a miniature version of me.  I love it. Above you can see I purchased a little something for BBH…in newborn size.  I cannot believe we will have a newborn in our home in just a couple of months.  Time is flying by.  I also purchased some Babylegs from the Babysteals site.  I could not pass up on the deal they were having with Babylegs. Probably one of the best items a mom can have in her child's clothes drawer. Perfect for those chilly months and for when you just want to accessorize an outfit. Madi loves them and I am hoping BBH will get a ton of use out of them.   

I also picked up some fun Spring dish towels and a new oven mitt. The colors speak to me.  I love bright fun colors.  Anything that puts me in a good mood is welcome in my home. 


Sunday night we ended our Pure Sex series.  It was amazing. And I am so thankful to everyone who came and really wanted to learn more about what God says about sex and marriage and how it can truly be beautiful and PURE…aside from what society says.  I hope that those of you who attended really learned and opened your heart to what God was revealing through His word.  Our deepest prayer is that lives would be changed and the Holy Spirit moves and that the Kingdom of God grows.

In the evening we got home late, but Madi needed daddy to read her a story.  I apologize for the blurriness in this photo….but I think it speaks perfectly at just how much daddy truly loves his princess. 


For the life of me I could not get the setting right on my point and shoot and my Digital Rebel is not working currently. I really hope to get my good camera fixed soon so that I can work on perfecting my photography and produce better pictures.  =)  I am itching to take a photography class online.  I have so much to learn! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 



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