Freshening Up on Baby Care

Lately, I have been engrossed in all of my baby/child care books.  One I have really taken to is by late author and nurse Tracy Hogg who wrote Secrets of the Baby Whisperer.

I am enjoying the tips and guidance she provides and how to listen to your babies cues/cries so that you can at least get an idea of what your baby is trying to tell you.  I don't really believe in Demand Feeding because I don't believe that every cry means they are hungry.  I think helping babies get on a schedule helps them as individuals….but I don't believe in letting them "cry it out." This books provides a nice balance to all the other baby books out there.  If you are expecting and haven't read it, I so recommend it!

I am also planning on taking a breastfeeding course at this adorable boutique in Orange County.  Milkalicious (how cute is that name!) offers courses and help for those who really want to be successful at breastfeeding.  With Madison, I did not nurse for nearly as long as I had envisioned..nor did I give myself the correct tools and seek out the best help when it came to breastfeeding. I am determined to do it for at least a year.  So Lord knows I will need the help!  Does anyone know of any great books I could read? 

I have also been doing a ton of research on cloth diapers.  I am nearly sure I am going to go with fitted cloth diapers, but I still want to go to a cloth diaper clinic at Belly Sprout just to be sure.  I could use all the information I can get!  Cloth diapers have come a long way and I think it would be so nice to just have to wash them instead of throwing them away and then spending nearly $20 every couple of weeks to restock!  Disposables can get expensive! 

I am really excited for BBH to come.  It will be exciting to have a newborn in the house again.  On Sunday my sister had a video on her camera of Madi when she was just 13 months old.  She was my chunky little monkey and was a giggly little thing. Not much has changed! 

Have a blessed Tuesday!



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