It is beginning to feel like summer

This weekend was SPECTACULAR!  On Friday I had an ultrasound just to check on BBH's growth and see how he was doing.  He is doing awesome.  In fact, he already weighs in at 3 pounds and I am weighing in to the day of my due date.  I don't think he is going to be tiny.  I think the appropriate word would be tank! That is how the Harper's roll!

BBH 3 

Say hello!!!!! I love his little nose and lips. I just want to kiss him over and over again.  😉

On Saturday evening, we thought we would take a little stroll by the beach and let Madi touch the sand.  It ended up being very chilly at night, but it was so nice to get out and just walk around.  And the ocean is probably one of our favorite places to be. In fact, Dan and I think a trip to Santa Barbara is in order.  It has been awhile since we have been there.




My husband is totally hot.  I like your pose baby.  hehe.

On Sunday morning, Knott Avenue was blessed by the teachings of Josh McDowell.  KACC is kicking of a brand new series called "Fireproofing your Family" and Josh McDowell was our guest speaker.  I have only read one of his books (More Than A Carpenter) but I was really intrigued by what he had to say in regards to family and to the men.  I noticed my husband paying very special attention to what he had to say regarding fathers and their relationship to their children.  Dan takes that instruction very seriously and I am so thankful that he wants to have a great relationship with Madi and his son.  There are unfortunately many dads who have no clue and it breaks my heart for those children. 

After church in the morning, Madi and I decided to stay home and go to the pool.  It was so hot outside and I thought it would do both of us some good to just get wet and get some Vitamin D.  No worries….I slathered on the sunblock.  I am VERY SERIOUS about my sunblock.  If my husband doesn't start putting more on then I might have to chase after him like I do Madi in order to make sure he is completely covered.  ;)  Now wouldn't that be a funny site to see. A grown woman chasing after a grown man yelling "YOU FORGOT TO PUT ON SUNBLOCK!" I am sure many folks would feel very sorry for Dan. LOL!

Madi takes her swimming very seriously.  And she makes sure she looks the part too.


Madi in glasses 

Whoops! Forgot to take of the UV protection sticker. LOL!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. 



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