Compassion India

Hello blog friends!

I come to you today with a special request as I have some exciting news but we need your help and prayers.  I am sure many of you have heard of Compassion International, and most recently 5 bloggers were selected to go on a trip to Kolkata, India and bring hope to the children of poverty in Jesus' name!  They leave on Friday April 26th and return May 2nd, 2009. This trip is not without it's challenges already as the enemy is moving swiftly to discourage the team. They will also be faced with extreme heat, typhoid, meningitis and missing loved ones.  Please, please keep them in prayer. 

There is a trip blog set up for you to follow along and catch updates and video of what God is doing through the team and through the people of India. You can follow through those posts or you can follow some of the team through their individual blogs:

Pete Wilson

Anne Jackson

Angie Smith

Melissa Fitzpatrick

Robin Dance

Shaun Groves

Also follow along on twitter.  I will be trying to retweet the updates so that those who follow me can follow along with what is happening and when their is a new post or update.  Or you can subscribe to the feed:

Blessings everyone! May we be moved by the Holy Spirit and continue to bring the hope and love  of Christ to those around the nation!



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