Show Choir anyone?

So in high school I was in show choir. For those who have no clue what show choir is, it is basically like a glee club where you sing and dance, often times creating performances and singing popular pop songs.  Also, most show choirs go on competitions during the Spring.   Seriously, it was awesome.  It is probably one of my favorite memories of high school. 

I so wish I had video of one of our competition segments.  We. Rocked. Period.

I have found a new show on TV that I am now obsessed with and I can't stop singing a certain song.  Did you catch Glee last night?  Pure Awesomeness.  I found myself giggling and singing along because that is basically what you did in show choir.  You practiced for hours until you got the routine just right, then head off to compete against other schools.  And some schools had AMAZING sets!  It can be pretty intimidating out there! Don't laugh. It is true!

I filled Dan in on how it is now my new favorite show and he said he would watch it with me.  My man loves me.  I mean, what guy would really watch a show about show choir?  ;) 

What shows do you absolutely love?



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