The Hole in Our Gospel

Dan recently purchased the book The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns and I have to say….I am unbelievable hooked.  At first glance I thought "whoa, heresy right in front of my face! What was Dan thinking!"  Luckily, my husband explained a little bit more to me about the author and I was intrigued.  I told Dan that if he didn't finish the book in two days then I was going to steal it.

Dan is a slow reader. 😉

I have been reading for the past couple of days and I feel as if my eyes are constantly being reopened.  Richard Stearns is the President of World Vision but before that, he was the  CEO of Lenox.  You know, the expensive china company?  The china in which I only have about 3 pieces of that were wedding gifts for our wedding in 2004?  That Lenox.

So how did a big time CEO of such a multi-million dollar company become president of an organization set to help those in need?  You have to read his story. It is amazing and eye opening and convicting!  I am realizing more and more each day that being a christian is so much more than going to church each Sunday, being in a small group and reading our bible everyday.  Are we willing to let God have His way in our lives? Or are we so comfortable that we feel what we are doing is good enough for God. 

Seriously what are we doing! Being a christian doesn't just stop at the transaction of accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior.  There is so much more to be done until His return.

Another book that I am starting to dive into is Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Another fantastic read so far. 

So tell me, what are you reading right now? What is inspriring you or what verses from God's word are challenging you? 



5 thoughts on “The Hole in Our Gospel

  1. Pam says:

    I’ll have to read that one. Another one that has been recommended to me is Death By Church by Mike Erre, pastor at Rock Harbor.

  2. gina garland says:

    I just finished reading Crazy Love…I love Frances Chan in person and really liked this book…the videos were kinda fun to to watch online. It took something I already knew about to a different level.
    I’m now reading “Renewal on the Run: Encouragement for wives who are partners in ministry” by Jill Briscoe. Just started reading it so I’ll let you know if it’s any good.

  3. amy says:

    When I was B&N the other day I picked up Philip Yancy’s Disappointment With God and sat in the middle of the isle reading. I read about 3 chapters! Should have bought it.
    I haven’t heard of this book but it sounds like something I’d like! I loved “Messy Spirtuality” by Michael Yaconelli and “So You Don’t Want to go to Church Anymore” by Wayne Jacobsen and Dave Coleman.

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