An amazing day!

First, I want to start off this post by wishing my sister Sheena a very wonderful 27th birthday. She is my Irish twin as we are only 10 1/2 months apart in age. And even more exciting is the fact that in just a few months she will be Mrs. Jeremy Roark. I am so excited and thrilled to be apart of that day.

Well, no BBH just yet, although I am experiencing more braxton hicks contractions lately which is a good sign. I am slowly finishing off my to do list before his arrival. He basically has everything he needs when he gets here. I am just extremely anxious to see his sweet face.

Today, my MIL, Madi and my neice AD headed out to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch at the Ontario Hills mall. Madi loved it. She really enjoyed seeing all of the animals and watching them come alive at different times throughout our lunch. At least, she liked the animals. When it began to thunder she wasn’t too thrilled. LOL! She doesn’t really like noise or fire or anything that seems scary. But she does like animals! And speaking of animals her gramie bought her a stuffed snake to take home. Madi picked out the snake. I would have much preferred a cute koala bear or something. Oh and the snake’s name is Lena. You can ask Dan about that one.

Then we headed home and the girls and I went swimming while Mama Harper purchased some caramel frappucinos for us. So delicious! Then we watched Finding Nemo (which I had never seen before. Adorable movie!) and Mama Harper and I made apple dumplings. Again absolutely delicious.

Now Madi and I are tucked in bed. She passed out rather quickly as she did not have a nap today (a meltdown did occur although Praise Jesus it was minor) and I am just blogging from my phone. Tomorrow should be another fun filled day Lord willing.

I pray you all had a great day as well! Good night!

Tiff~An amazing day!


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