I am a slacker

I apologize for not blogging nearly as much lately. I know you all understand as I did literally just give birth less than 2 weeks ago. Life has been an amazing blur of hormones, nursing, diaper changing, toddler hugging and kissing and baby carrying. Not to mention being sleep deprived. This time around I have willingly asked for help when I need it. I amazed at the energy I have had lately. God has produced just the amount I need to get through my day, as well as letting me know when to take a long nap. I am so blessed that my husband noticed how fatigued I looked yesterday. He took the baby from my arms and said “take a nap!” I know not all women have husbands who willingly step in to help so I need to remember to be thankful for his help. He works so hard everyday at church to provide for us. I am a blessed woman!

I have luckily been able to find time in God’s word. The first week was hard! I hardly looked at my bible until last Thursday. I asked for advice from a sweet friend on how she keeps up with her devotions with two little ones. Her advice has proven to be invaluable. Right now while things are a little chaotic I am mostly doing them while Sean is nursing or napping. Oh and thank you Lord for the moby wrap. This has been a lifesaver and it keeps my hands free to play with Madi and do other things.

Plus it helps when the baby refuses to sleep unless he is cuddled up next to me :).

Have a blessed day my friends. This little family is going to try and go to the Farmer’s market tonight for a little fresh air.

TiffI am a slacker


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