Movie night

Tonight the four of us are hanging out past our bedtime and watching Beauty and the Beast together. Actually, one of them is sleeping (Sean) and the other is saying she is tired. But I think she is doing her best to stay up to watch.

And she is also telling me that I need to stop reciting the lines to the movie. LOL. I have seen it a few times. Probably one of my favorite movies as a little girl. Growing up my sister’s and I loved for the next Disney movie that would come out in the theaters. Our mom would make us some snacks, sneak then away in her purse (popcorn, hotdogs, candy and coke…..oh joy!) and we would catch the matinée showing. I have such awesome memories of the movies. I can’t wait to take Madi and Sean to the movies in the future.

For right now I think we will enjoy the free pleasures of DVD’s and VHS. 🙂

What were some of your favorite movies as a kid? Did you go to the theater a lot as a kid? And did you sneak in food? That was the best part!! LOL!

TiffMovie night


3 thoughts on “Movie night

  1. Pam says:

    I didn’t get to go to the movies very often as a child. My grandmother felt there was something sinful about theaters… dens of iniquity. I remember going to see Mary Poppins and Jungle Book with my mom. I also got to go see That Darn Cat and Heaven Can Wait but my mom had to deal with my grandma’s judgment about even the titles of the two of those. I love taking my kids to the movies or going with friends. Such fun!

  2. Ro Ro says:

    SOO FUN! 🙂 WE just took Isaac & Caleb to see up and Isaac loved it, what Caleb saw he LOVED, but fell asleep half way thru… Madi might like that one too! 🙂 I figure with enough candy, popcorn & soda any kid will make it thru. lol… I always had to sneak the candy in when i was a kid, of course we went to the discount theater most of the time… the one where you leave with most of your shoe attatched to the floor below your seat because SOMEHOW your feet are just STUCK! yah, fun times! 🙂

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