So far 28 is looking good

My birthday flew by on Tuesday but oh man I have to say that it was probably one of the best yet. Every year that I am given I realize just how fortunate I am to have people in my life who genuinly love and care for me.

Tonight Dan and I went out for a date night to celebrate my birthday. We headed out to Jpe’s Crab Shack in Newport Beach and chowed down on some delicious crab. However, I am secretly plotting revenge on my husband as he went and told them that we were celebrating my birthday. They had me run around the restaurant dressed like a shark as they sang happy birthday. Not exactly my finest moment. Ha! Don’t EVER let your friends do that to you. 😉

I do need ideas however from all of you on how to get him back. And I will get him back.

Be afraid Dan. Be very afraid.

I got some wonderful things for my birthday, but I do believe hubby really came through. He got me a gift card for a massage and said I could take a whole Saturday (8 hours) to do whatever I want to without the kids. Oh yeah. Calling up the gals for sure!

He did good on the gift department. I am still getting him back though. 😉

Have a great night.


P.S. The other two pics are of Madi and Sean. I am in awe of how big they are getting.

So far 28 is looking good

So far 28 is looking good

So far 28 is looking good

So far 28 is looking good

So far 28 is looking good


3 thoughts on “So far 28 is looking good

  1. gina garland says:

    Since kids, the best gift is having someone watch the kiddos so you get a break. For my birthday last year, a girlfriend of mine (who I had only known for a couple months) said she’d come over once a month and watch my kids for the morning while I did whatever I wanted. She did that for an entire year. I did things like go to the beach for some R&R and time with the Lord, MIchaels (can NOT do that with kids), grocery shopping, hair cuts, doctor appts., pedi/mani’s….wonderful. I will definitely pay it forward. It was free but by far the best gift anyone has ever given me. Way to go Dan!!!

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