Just Playing Catch Up

Right now as I type this post, S is sleeping in my arms.  I have pretty much mastered typing and holding babies since I had a ton of practice with Madi.  You kind of figure out how to use one arm, feet and any other part of your body when you are carrying around a squirmy and snuggly little one.  I am pretty positive that is why God made women so capable of multitasking.  We have to do it EVERYDAY!

Life has not exactly been busy lately.  Many of us are preparing to go back to work, school and other committments for the fall.  I am going to try and register Madi for dance class this fall.  I am absolutely sure my little diva will love it.  She definitely got her love of theatrics from me.  Dancing, singing, play acting…..my little gal has such a vivid and colorful imagination…..it is such an awesome thing to see her mind at work and how she creates her own little stories and characters.  I love having a little girl.

A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend Michelle came over to the house to take pictures of Baby Sean.  We wanted to catch some newborn photos of him sleeping..but it just wasn't really meant to be.  Last resort, I had to hold him while he was wrapped in a blanket.  We were able to catch a few:

Baby Sean 1

Baby Sean 2

Baby Sean 3

He is such a beautiful baby.  I was worried at first how I would react or even possibly love this son of mine.  I mean, I was so accustomed to a little girl and everything pink.  Now I find myself checking out the stores for sports memoraphilia and anything else boyish.  Dan and I are banking on him being a football or baseball player since Dan played both in high school and excelled at them. 

Please pray for Dan today and tomorrow as he is speaking at all main services this weekend atKnott Avenue Christian Church.  You can listen to the message live tonight at 5pm.  I hope you will join in and that God will speak to your heart directly as Dan talks about discipline in the church. 

Love you all! Have a great weekend!


P.S. I lost my camera and I cannot find it anywhere. Let's hope I find it soon because that camera had Sean's birth pics on there. =(


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