Beach Day

Yesterday the Harper clan ventured out to Huntington Beach to spend some time on the sand and surf. I was a tad apprehensive as Sean is only 6 weeks old and keeping the sun off of him would be a challenge. But we packed up snacks, drinks and the kids plus our niece Reagan and we were off!

Sean loved being outside and there was a nice breeze so it wasn’t too hot. Madi was obsessed with the waves and Dan and I took turns holding her hand while she was in the ocean. There were a couple of breaking waves that really knocked her over. Thankfully she just popped right back up and it didn’t appear to faze her. Overall it was an amazing day. Dan and I were pretty much the only ones who got really burnt yesterday but over all everyone seemed to be okay and not suffering. My only regret of the day is the fact that I still can’t find my camera so the only photos I have are from my phone. I am really hoping it pops up sonewhere but I am beginning to think it is a lost cause.

Have a wonderful Tuesday friends!


Beach Day

Beach Day


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