The Great Mommy Escape

Today, I got a total day off from being Mom.  For my birthday, Dan surprised me with a gift card to Peaches And Cream Day Spa and said that I could spend an entire day by myself doing whatever I wanted. 

Ummm…yeah I was really excited.  Wouldn't you be?

So my day started off at 11am with a fabulous and much needed aromatherapy massage.  All of the mommy stress was melted away as the massage therapist rubbed all the right places and removed the knots that wanted to make my back their permanent home.  I could tell I had a lot by the way she had to dig in my upper back.  Oh man.  But after she was done, I felt a billion times better.  I have decided that if I were rich, I would splurge on a massage for myself at least twice a month.  Because massages are pure heaven I tell you.

Afterwards, I decided to drive out to the Brea Mall and do a little shopping.  I picked out some great items from Forever21 and Charlotte Russe, as well as buying a couple of things for Madi and Sean.  I tried to look for something nice for my husband since I am sure he would have loved to receive something too.  At the mall today though it was hit or miss for the men.  I called hubby and told him we would go on a little shopping spree for him since he has been requesting a new wardrobe for fall.  And since he makes all the money…..he gets what he wants. ;) 

Btw…totally random, but my new favorite song of the moment is Brad Paisley's "I thought I Loved You Then". Not sure if that is exactly the title but you country lovers know what song I am talking about.  Everytime I hear it I get tears in my eyes.  Our five year anniversary is coming up in October and I just cannot even imagine how much more I could love a person.  We have been through so much together. He is absolutely my best friend. And like the song says, I thought I was head over heels for him 5 years ago. Who knew where love could take us.  It makes me excited to see where it will take us for the rest of our lives.

After I spent a couple of hours at the mall, I decided that I would head back towards home since I had begun to miss my little family.  I love being by myself…I really do…..but I am finding more and more that being with your family and doing things together is a whole lot more fun than being by yourself.  That being said though, I do need downtime for myself so I need to make sure I incorporate that in at least once a week so I don't get burnt out.  So today was definitely needed and appreciated.  I am so thankful Dan thought to allow me so much time to myself.  I feel like he often knows me better than I know myself.  Whenever I try to fight with him about how much time I need for myself, I often end up finding that he was actually right.  And my pride wishes he weren't right a lot of the time, but I am also thankful that he knows me well enough to speak truth to me.  That is something I completely desire and value in a person, especially a person whom I am sharing the rest of my life with.

The last stop of the day was at Starbucks (naturally).  I mean honestly no outing would be complete without a stop to starbucks or your favorite coffee/tea shop.  I am just speaking truth. I grabbed a Grande Caramel frappucino and tried to sit outside and enjoy the sunny (and humid) day.  That is until someone decided to sit right next to me and smoke a cigarette. *sigh* Oh well, fun while it lasted.  By the way, can I just say that one of my pet peeves has to do with people who smoke? I mean, if you want to smoke a cigarette that is fine, but how about you do it AWAY from people.  Like in your car or by a dumpster where no one else is around to breathe in the toxins.  Second and third hand smoke kills.  Thank you.

Ahem…moving on. 

I hope each of you had a wonderful Friday.  I am really looking forward to the weekend and to Illuminate on Sunday.  Plus, it is nearly 2 weeks til we kick off our Graceland Series.  It.Will.Be.Awesome.




2 thoughts on “The Great Mommy Escape

  1. shalay says:

    Your day sounded lovely! And yes, I love that Brad Paisley song, too. It’s so sweet and so true, it makes me choke up sometimes! Hope you had a great weekend!

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