Oh Madison!

My daughter is a crackup!  Seriously.  She is always saying something that absolutely causes me to start laughing in an instant.  She is quick as a whip too.  She doesn't miss a beat when it comes to other people's conversations. You think she isn't paying attention, but oh she is. 

She is good!

Today we were playing with her cousin Jared and baby Sean.  We were talking about what kinds of cupcakes I should make for them the next time Jared comes over to play. We decided on Vanilla (because Jared doesn't like chocolate…I will need to talk to his mom about that one *wink*)

Anyway, I thought we were done discussing cupcakes until Madi decided to take my cupcake book and look through it.  Then she started talking about her boyfriend.

Excuse me what?

Ya'll….you should have seen Dan's face.  I wish I had taken a picture because it. was. hilarious.

Me: Umm Madi you have a boyfriend?

Madi: Yes

Me: Oh, and what is his name?

Madi: Dylan

Me: Really!!  And just how did you meet Dylan?

*we don't really leave the house as we only have one car so I am really curious as to how she met any boys.*

Madi: At his house. and his favorite cupcake is chocolate.

Me: Ummmm Madi, your father would like to know where he lives.

Dan (under his breath): So I can bury him in the ground somewhere in Barstow. 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She has quite an imagination! (I think)

Have a great night!



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