Guess Whose Birthday it is!


Today is Dan's birthday.  He turns the big 31 today. I am sure he is thrilled that I told you that. But to make it up to him, I have decided to list 31 things about him that I love, crack up at and admire about him.

So here goes 🙂

1. You are a godly man who strives to serve our God and take care of your family

2. You treat me like a queen!

3. For whatever reason I may never, ever understand…you like watching that awful scary movie The Saw.  

4. You look good in jeans…and just about anything else

5. You still take my breath away everyday.  You are hot!

6. You amaze me at how much scripture you have memorized.  I wish I had your brain!

7. You like to shop as much as I do.  My partner in crime. heeeeee!

8. Even though I make fun of you for buying books practically every week to expand your library, I love it because it means I get to steal….I mean borrow……them.

9. Cracks me up that every-time we go out to update your wardrobe you tell me you need to buy jeans because you don't have any. Even though you have 564654676843456746 pairs lying on the floor at home.

10. The same goes for black work shoes.

11. Madi adores you and so does Sean.



12. You insist that I love Root Beer because  one time I asked to have a root beer with dinner. (BTW..I really love Dr. Pepper and Cream Soda..)

13. That you always read my blog and leave a comment for me when you can.  

14. You live vicariously through my facebook and twitter instead of just getting your own. lol.

15. You willingly help out with Sean and Madi on Fridays all by yourself….even though you say you stink as a Stay At Home Dad.  You don't btw.  

16. Love that you write down goals for yourself, our family and for Illuminate.  

17. You're the calm center in my life amidst the storms

18. You constantly encourage me to use my talents and gifts

19. You are an incredible pastor and speaker!  I can't wait to see how God continues to mold and shape you in these upcoming years.

20. You are much better at cleaning than I am. There. I said it.

21. You are downright hilarious!  

22. When you watch sports on TV…it cracks me up that you fall asleep during the game. But as soon as I get the remote to change it you wake up and catch me!  How do you do that?!

23. You like UCLA and I like USC.  And we are still together..heeeeeee!

24. You like the Dodgers and I like the Angels……again same story….Sorry Dad!

25. You read your bible EVERY SINGLE DAY and you don't advertise it. You just believe that it is important and encourage those to do the same. I want your discipline.

27.  I can count on you for prayer and counsel.

28. Love that Sean is your mini-me. Hmmm you should do that for Halloween.


29. You are always trying to outdo yourself in the gifts department.  And although sometimes I get mad because you spend money….know that I really do love it.  

30.  You are getting better with age =)


31. That you are still in love with me and that we get to spend the rest of our lives together!




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