3 Months already?


Sean is 3 months old now.  Is it really possible that time has flown so quickly?  I feel as if I just gave birth to my little guy.

And speaking of births, I realized that I never shared Sean's birth story with all of you. I was hoping I would be able to find my camera that captured that beautiful day, but alas I never found it.  So please forgive me as I only currently have the iPhone photos to share.

So here goes:


This was me LITERALLY the day before Sean would make his appearance.  I had been feeling some small cramping throughout the day, but nothing major.  I barely noticed them for the most part.  It was really hot that day so Dan, Madi and I decided to just go swimming and then head over to the Shoppes in Chino Hills for some shopping and relaxation. 

Shopping always relaxes me…*ahem*

Anyway, around 4pm I started to feel my contractions a little more frequently, but they still weren't very hard.  They were about 10 minutes apart at this time so I still wasn't very concerned.  I had pretty much convinced myself that there was no way on this beautiful earth that my son would decide to come on July 4th….my due date! Nope, it wasn't happening.

That evening Dan and I put Madi to bed early and we decided to have a little time to ourselves.  We were all settled down to watch Frost/Nixon and had popcorn and coke.  I couldn't relax though.  My contractions were about 4 minutes apart but they were not intense at all. They felt the same, but just closer together.  This time I was concerned so we called Dr. Ahdoot and he told us to go to the hospital since this was our second baby.  He wanted to be sure we didn't deliver at home. (I wouldn't have minded….hubby would have freaked!)

We dropped Madi off at my parents house around 11:00pm and then headed to Newport Beach to Hoag Hospital.  They registered me and put me in a room. The nurse tried to check me but for crying out loud it hurt so bad.  For those of you who have had children you know how those internal exams are. THEY HURT!  So she had me walk around for an hour and then she checked me again. I was about 1 to 2 cm and they decided that they would send me home. To Glendora. From Newport Beach. Which is about 45 minutes away.  I reminded them that this was my second baby and I was only in labor with Madi for 8 hours.

They sent me home anyway. 

All through the night I was in labor. And they kept increasing in intensity.  This was it!  With Madi I had to be induced so I didn't get to feel all of those sensations of labor with her.  This was exciting and nervewrecking at the same time.  I had done enough research to know how to relax as much as I could during this time.  It was nice to at least be in my own bed and not in the hospital.  I would recommend anyone to labor as much as they can at home. You will be far more relaxed.

The next morning, I was wide awake. I didn't really get to sleep very much due to the contractions.  I only got about 30 minute intervals of sleep…which was better than nothing! 

Dan and I decided to have my family over so that way if we needed to rush to the hospital we could just go.  I hopped into the shower and felt instantly more relaxed.  As soon as I stepped out…..


The contractions came on hard and fast.  They were instantly about 5 minutes apart and I knew it would be long.  However, I did manage to get my hair done and my face on. You know….just in case. 😉 At around 11:00am I was moaning, on my hands and knees and rocking myself to try and relax as the contractions were really intense.  We called my folks and told them not to come over as we were heading to the hospital to have a baby. 

On the way there, my contractions went from 5 minutes to 3.  I could no longer relax due to being in the car and not having any way to position my body comfortably for labor.  I was crying, moaning, screaming and decided right then and there that my dreams of having a natural birth were not going to happen! 

Dan walked me into the hospital and I was moaning loudly.  The nurse asked me if I felt I needed to push but I didn't. They asked if I wanted an epidural and I said YES! I had lost all concentration and I wasn't looking to be a hero. I just wanted to give birth.  After they administered the epidural the nurse checked me and sure enough…I was 7 cm…then my water broke as she was still checking and I was instantly a 9.

We made it in the nick of time ya'll. 

At 12:45 I started pushing.  During this I noticed that Daniel started to back away from me.  Instantly alarmed I thought I he was going to pass out.  I freaked and started yelling "Dan are you okay?"  He said he was fine but needed something to eat. The poor guy hadn't had anything since last night.  And I am sure all the smells and visuals were not helping him.  He was such a trooper for being there for me.  Seriously he was my knight in shining armor.

The nurse took care of Dan and I continued to push. My work was still not done and I had a baby boy to deliver!  At 1:03 pm:


Sean Daniel Harper arrived.  He weighed 7 lbs 1 oz and was 19 inches long.  And he was beautiful.  They instantly placed him on my chest and I just hugged my long awaited son for the longest time. Kissing his beautiful face and praising God for something so miraculous and beautiful. 

And now it was time to be the mother of a newborn again.  I was and still am grateful. 

Thanks for reading Sean's birth story.  I am sure I will have a ton more stories to share about this little guy.  He is just like his daddy. =)

Do any of you have a birth story you would love to share?



One thought on “3 Months already?

  1. Kelly says:

    I love you story….I literally imagined your experience while reading your vivid details. I cannot wait to have a story of my own. Please bring Sean to my shower….I would love it. Love you Tiffy

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