The Horrible Three’s


She's cute isn't she?  Those big blue eyes and sweet smile.  She always has something adorable to say and is ready to disarm you with her wit and charm while dancing around in a pretty pink tutu.  Yes, she is pretty darn cute.

But don't let her fool you.

Because ever since this adorable child turned 3, I swear some crazy demon possessed her and she is ready to scream at the top of her lungs and thrash herself on the floor at any minute for anything!

Take last night for example.

We are currently living at the parent's house and all 4 of us are nice and snug in a room upstairs. It was 2 am (2 am people…when we are supposed to be sleeping).  She wakes up crying and completely upset that Daddy is sleeping in the room, on her bed, which she doesn't even sleep on and she told him to leave.  She wanted him to sleep on the couch downstairs.

Excuse me?

I instantly told her that that wasn't very nice and that she is not to tell daddy what he should do.  She didn't like that answer very much.

So instantly….the screaming began. Again…THIS IS AT 2AM!

Nothing could calm her down.  She kept screaming and telling Daddy to leave and telling me to stop talking.  I was getting so angry and frustrated that after 15 minutes I told Dan to take her out of the room because I didn't even want to look at her.  I knew that at any moment I would absolutely lose it. 

This morning she was back to her sweet adorable self.  But Lord have mercy she was awful last night.

Any other Mom's have this….I didn't really experience the terrible two's….the HORRIBLE three's are going to be the death of me!



4 thoughts on “The Horrible Three’s

  1. sarah says:

    oh my tiff! that must’ve been rough! i just heard someone today telling me that the two’s were not bad, but the three’s were hard! How old was madi when sean was born? do you like the spacing?

  2. Tiffany Harper says:

    Madi was 3 when Sean was born. She is now about 3 1/2. I had NO IDEA she would be this way. Holy cow!!!!!
    Overall though I like that she is old enough to do things for herself and I don’t have to change her diaper. Woo Hoo for potty trained children!

  3. Julie says:

    I completely understand and know what you going through. It’s not easy! ๐Ÿ™‚
    My daughter, Lily, is also three. Your experience sounds just like our house at random moments. Sometimes I wonder what I did wrong when she acts this way, but then I realize that she is most likely testing her boundaries with us and we are doing the right thing by teaching her how we expect her to act. Take heart you are not the only one “battling” the lows and highs of raising a three year old. ๐Ÿ™‚

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