Let’s Go Angels

Angel Game 2

Last night Dan and I got to escape the realities of work life and enjoy America's favorite pasttime: Baseball.  Specifically the Angels vs Red Sox.

My dad had 4 tickets to Game one of the ALDS and he invited us to go with him and my brother Jason.  I am so glad we got to go.  It was an amazing game and I got to spend it with some of my favorite people in the entire world. 

Plus it was a nice chance for Dan and I to spend time with each other and not be surrounded by two cute little munchkins 😉

Angel Game

Do any of you have any plans for date night?  Or if single, how are you spending your weekend?

Please keep Dan in prayer as he is suffering from a nasty cold.  While I am at work today he is watching the babes.  I hope he asks for help!

This Sunday night is our I ❤ Night at Illuminate.  I just learned our worship leader is sick as well, so I know that it is Satan trying to discourage us.  He knows God will move this weekend.  Please keep everyone bathed in prayer if you think of us.  I love you all!



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