Etsy Tuesday

Madi loves MRS

Hello friends!

I have decided to declare Tuesday's as Etsy Tuesday because I am constantly adding etsy shops to my favorites and I have to share them with you all. 

Etsy. Is. Addicting.

My apologies to my husband.

Anyways, above you can see Madi is rocking the Miss RubySue gear.  Didn't I tell you I love that shop? I swear she gets plugged all the time on this blog. Obsessed with her goodies.  And so is Madi. I have created a MONSTER! heeeee.

A few more shops for you gals (and guys…..Christmas is around the corner you know) to go check out:

Lovely Little Ones

Do you have little girls who love dressup? I do and I absolutely squealed with delight when I saw these beautiful creations.  I can totally picture Madi  wearing one of these tutu dresses.  They would also be perfect for Halloween if you are having a hard time finding a unique costume for your little one. 

The Chic-Adee Shop

I love home decor and these wreaths are to die for.  I love how she creates different elements for each season/holiday.  Glitter, ribbons, vintage items…this shop has me really excited.  I have a few pieces that I may want to grab for Fall and Winter. 


First of all, I LOVE the name of this gal's shop.  Because truly, I feel like I am buried underneath so much laundry. And it never ends.  Oh and I am sure that there is a laundry monster eating up all the socks too.  This gal makes adorable burp cloths and tees for your wee one.  I can never have enough burp cloths. Sean seems to think that he needs to share his milk with all of us.  Not cute. LOL!


These hats I am seeing everywhere. Love them. Must have for Madi


Same type of shop but more styles for boys =)

The Fig Leaf

I love these fun whimsical wallets and iPod carriers. 

There you go!  Happy shopping!

What are your current Etsy faves?



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