Random Friday

Etsy Tuesday 2

Lately I have been rocked to the core in my daily devotions.  Will have to share more on what I am learning when I am able to actually able to process everything and accurately articulate it to you all.  But trust me when I say…it is good.  God is good. Whew!

At 3:00pm Dan is taking Madi to see Where The Wild Things Are.  It is her first movie date with Daddy. She is excited. 

I started my Christmas shopping this past week.  I want to get it all out of the way before Christmas because I know Dan and I will be so busy when we really start hunkering down in finding a place to live.  I only have a couple more months here at APU so it is so important for me to check off my to-do lists.  Have you started your Christmas shopping?

Praying for a lot of people lately.  My heart is heavy with so many families hurting during this season.  I trust in a big God and I know He is working even if we can't see it right now.  In His timing. 

On Saturday Madi and I are going to go buy some winter clothing since it was REALLY cold this past week  (and what is up with this hot weather right now? Really?) Poor thing does not have any long sleeved shirts or sweaters to wear.  What kind of mother am I?! So *ahem* that is what we will be doing. 

Praying for Illuminate on Sunday.  We will be challenging our students to think outside of themselves.  Look at their communities. To share Jesus.

It is gonna be awesome.

What are your plans for this weekend?




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