What Does Family look like to you?


Photo by Pam Booher

So tell me…when you think of your family what comes to mind?

When you think of your family, whether you have one or not, what did you dream about. What did it look like in your head?

Yesterday, I read a very convicting post over at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee . She had a guest blogger named Laura who shared her story regarding her family.  When they hit a crisis, they quit…but not in the way you would think.

They quit being distracted

Quit watching too much TV

Going to bed at different times

And so on and so on. 

Can I just share with you all that the Lord has been knocking on my heart about this very issue? About my family?  While we are not dealing with a crisis right now (we are actually in a very good place….besides the fact that we are still looking for a place to live but that is for another post on another day).  Lately I have felt as if my little family, the people whom I love deeply and would give my very life for, has been pulled at all different directions due to committments, time stealers and other such nonsense. 

Last night I approached Dan telling him that I really needed to get something off my chest.  For some reason it was really hard to just speak my mind.  I have never been very good at sharing my true feelings with people.  This is mostly due to my fear of letting the person down or hurting them unintentionally with my words.  I also fear rejection and I was afraid my words wouldn't be taken seriously.

But thankfully Dan agree.  He envisioned something completely different for his family than what we were currently experiencing.  Praise be to God we are in the process of having those expectations become reality. 

*More quality time together

*Turn off the TV

*I will be at home with the kids…PERIOD

*Spend just as much time being a student of God's word as we are teachers of it.  

*Date nights every week.  Dan and I NEED this.

My list could go on.  I want a close knit family.  A family so close that when the storms come, and they will, nothing will pull us apart.  We will still be together and as close as ever.  That we surrender this family to the Lord and let Him move and shape us as He sees fit.  

Will we have to make sacrifices? Yes, and we already are.  It will be hard to live on one income, to not turn on the TV to see our favorite shows and be on facebook to catch up on all of our friends statuses 24-7.  But really…I only have one family.  I need to spend as much time with them as I can. We are never promised another day with the ones we love. 

What do you envision for your family, whether in the present or future?



One thought on “What Does Family look like to you?

  1. Pamee Booher says:

    AMEN! I am even looking at ways to be WITH family more… our schedules do not match!! HAHA!! I am in the process of cutting back on my business… eventually NOT having it anymore – it was more FUN than need for me… but it has been a distraction from doing what I NEED to do too! I am excited to see how God works it all out!!!

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