I apologize for just now blogging about Halloween. Both Sean and I caught the yucky cold going around (we fought as long as we could!) and so needless to say we have both been under the weather.  Sean is doing far better than I am, although he does have a yucky cough that makes me kind of nervous.  If I can't stand it one minute longer I will call the doctor and force her to take him in. 

Our Halloween was probably the best ever.  Madi was an adorable Tinkerbell and her cousin Jared was Superman


Sean was a pumpkin

Sean Pumpkin 

And he absolutely did not like a whole bunch of cameras in his face!


And the  baby next to him is his 6 month old cousin Collin.  Bat Baby. ADORABLE! And this photo cracks me up EVERYTIME I look at it.  Right as Sean started crying…poor Collin started crying.  Is it bad that both mom's started laughing?  No?  Okay..I feel better.

After all of this we headed out to Uncle Dave's house to go trick or treating with Madi's cousin Reagan.


Reagan is Pluto….and she totally got mobbed by a ton of kids.  It was hilarious. 

Earlier in the day we stopped by a pumpkin patch just for fun and Madi struck this pose:


I clearly have my hands full πŸ˜‰

Have a great Tuesday everyone!



4 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. shalay says:

    Madi is beyond adorable, especially in that last picture! I love her style! She is going to be quite the fashionista. Glad to see you guys had a great Halloween!

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