Dear Sean


Hello sweet boy.  I cannot believe you are 4 months old now.  Do you realize how much you have grown and changed? Literally right before our very eyes you have blossomed into one of the happiest babies I have ever come across.  You might even beat your sister Madi in being the happiest baby on earth.  She was just like you. Still is.

I love that you are getting so tall and chunky.  Your big smile that greats me EVERY MORNING makes my heart swell with pride and I am so forever grateful that I get to be your mommy.

Did you know baby boy that I prayed specifically for you?  Before we knew what you were, I asked the Lord for you.  I wanted a boy for your daddy.  We would have loved you whether you were a girl or a boy…but God gave us you. And we are so happy you are here.

I know Daddy is starting to imagine and dream of all the things you guys will do together.  Boy things.  Baseball, camping, hiking, finding bugs (and hopefully they will not come into the house!)…all the things that boys do together.  I can't wait.

You are starting to grab a hold of your toes and play with them.  You are desperately  trying to roll over and your determination is evident in your grunts and cries.  You will get it baby boy.  I promise. 

I love how you stare at me and watch my every move.  I love that when I look back at you, you give me the biggest grin, evidence that you were waiting trying to get my attention. 

Your big sister adores you and is very protective of you.  I know sometimes she squeezes a little hard when she hugs, but know she only does it in love.  She would never do anything to hurt you.  She even scolds me if I don't answer your cries quick enough.  Your sister is a little mommy and I know you adore her.  I can't wait to see how you two will interact when you are older.  I pray your are best friends.

Daddy and I can't wait to teach you all about Jesus.  When you and Madi are able to make the decision to follow Him on your own.  To love with all of your heart.  Daddy and I aren't perfect, but we will always do our best to point you to the One who loves you the most and sacrificed so much for you. 

I thank God for you everyday baby boy.  I love you!



Photo by Pam Booher


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