Etsy Tuesday

It's that time again! Let's just hop to it shall we?

DetzelPretzel: This guy is UBER talented.  He is a blogger, pastor, an awesome cook and has the cutest little family.  I hope you will check out his photography.  It rocks!

Other amazing photography shops are SimplyHue and Warm Whispers. Gorgeous stuff.

Ormolu: This shop uses recycled papers for her products and she currently has some adorable Christmas items.  I love this. Would be perfect for my Christmas tree.

NewFashionedWhispers: Gorgeous jewelry displayed in this shop.  And the photography here makes the shop look even more delicious. 

Parrott Design Studio: I am loving this shop.  I adore her letterpress calendar. If you do too, quick as it is a limited edition!

Sass & Peril: I love this shop because it is just adorable and fun. 

Just so you know, I am not paid by any of the shops I feature on here.  I just absolutely adore Etsy. I love what they do and I love the concept of handmade.  I hope you are able to find a special gift from any one of these vendors for your loved one. 




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