He Is Not The Enemy

Dan and I had one of those days.

One of those fights.

Neither of us were going to back down.

We literally had our hands crossed and glared at each other while our 3 year old threw a massive hissy fit on our bedroom floor.  It was getting ugly, but neither one of us were willing to compromise on our position because we both believe we were right. And the other was wrong.

Suddenly, we became the enemy. To each other.

Words were said by both of us that were hurtful and went to bed angry with each other.  We didn't want to talk it out.  We didn't want to hear what the other was feeling or even give their views a second thought.

Pride got in the way of working a situation out with my best friend. 

Pride is ugly. 

It is the biggest reason why it is so hard to say the words "I'm sorry" or "please forgive me."  It is the reason why our words lack grace and are so full of venom.  I am sure the children feel that. I know they see it. 

Whenever Dan and I have those moments….those heated discussions that continue to escalate into yelling matches…I find myself thinking he is the enemy.

When he is not. 

He is my husband.  My best friend. 

We have a real enemy.  One who is constantly seeking to destroy us.  And I know he is constantly trying to destroy our marriage. 

So why do we let him have a foothold?  

Today I am going to kneel before my Heavenly Father and seek forgiveness. And then I am going to call my earthly husband and seek his forgiveness as well.

Because pride is ugly.

And I want to be the wife that my husband is able to find comfort in. 

Pride has no place in marriage. 

Has Pride found a home in yours?



4 thoughts on “He Is Not The Enemy

  1. Jenny Chin says:

    oh tiff… i am right there with you…. Ethan and I have those moments. Ethan and I need to learn to speak softer and not to think the worst of each others comments than they really are. Sometimes we both assume that there’s something more behind the comment that was made…..
    Hope all is well with you in this holiday season!

  2. Tiffany Harper says:

    crazy isn’t it? How often we just assume the person means more behind their comment. And how often we create a fight when there doesn’t need to be one.
    Thanks Jenny! I hope all is well with you too! I am so excited for your growing family πŸ˜‰

  3. Anita says:

    We’ve been there too Tiff. Sometimes it seems if there are different seasons for arguments. Chris and I think that it is usually before God has something big in store for us that the enemy wants to take away. Thank God we believe in forgiveness! πŸ™‚

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