Slightly Book Obsessed

I LOVE to read.  I can read a book rather quickly if I am really into it. 

The Twilight series?  Yeah,  read through all four of those books in a week.  No husbands or children were neglected during that time. 

Okay well maybe for a couple of days…but that was all!

Anyway, one of the things I get really excited about for the new year is a reading plan.  I love having a list of books planned out for the year. 

Here is my list for 2010:

The Dangerous Act of Worship-Mark Labberton

Hearing God-Dallas Willard

Same Kind of Different As Me-Ron Hall

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years-Donald Miller

Renovation of The Heart-Dallas Willard

No Perfect People Allowed-John Burke

Plan B-Pete Wilson (available Spring 2010)

I Will Carry You-Angie Smith (available Spring 2010)

Going Rogue-Sarah Palin (Totally curious what all the buzz is about….plus I totally dig politics!)

The Naked Gospel-Andrew Farley (Not entirely sure about this one yet….still researching)

So tell me!  Do you have a reading list for 2010? Have any recommendations for me?  Please share!



2 thoughts on “Slightly Book Obsessed

  1. Susan says:

    I’m currently reading God and Government by Chuck Colson. Since you like politics you might want to consider it for your reading list.

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