Handmade Tutu’s anyone?

Sunday Morning, while my babies were napping…I made this:


That, folks, is a no sew tutu.  And let me tell you it was REALLY SIMPLE to make.  I promise.  The idea wasn't mine.  I got it from the DIY Holiday workshop I signed up for in November.  I have been dying to learn how to make Madi a tutu instead of shelling out big bucks for them.  It was quick and easy (which I love since I am a mommy) and Madi loved it too. 

Want proof?

Yes her shoes are on the wrong feet.  And yes I told her. And she didn't care.  

But isn't the tutu adorable on her???!!!  Basically all you need is tulle in the color of your choice, scrunchii headbands, ribbon, cardboard and scissors. 

It took me all of 20 minutes.  I am thinking I am going to make some more for my friends with little girls.  Because what little girl doesn't love a tutu. Plus, I think they make awesome Christmas gifts. 

An even bigger plus: total cost was $5.  Awesome.




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