Christmas Cookies and Crafts 2009


Every year at Gramie and Papa's house, we have our Christmas Cookies and Crafts gathering.  Basically all of the cousins come over and we have approximately 3 hours of crafty and cookie goodness.

This year though…there was a twist. 

All of the cousins spent the night.

There was no sleep to be had by the adults.  Just kidding. They were really good.  Madi even tried to hang with the big girls and sleep downstairs with them.  But at 11:00pm….she woke up from a bad dream and needed mommy.

Which was totally fine by me.  Pretty soon she will much rather want to hang out with her friends than me so her need for me to snuggle with her is a-ok.   (Although I am not gonna lie….sleeping an entire night without interruption would be pure heaven right now. Can I get an Amen?)

At 3pm the girls and one adorable little guy came over.  We made an Angel Tree Topper and some ornaments.  Then Gramie had everyone help make her amazing spiced mocha mix to give to their parents for Christmas. 

*I think I will need to post that recipe on here because it is soooo yummy!*

Around 8pm, everyone decorated the sugar cookies. And you just can't let your Sugar cookie go to waste.

You have to eat it too =)

The younger ones (and some adults…meaning me) went to bed around 9pm.  I think the older ones didn't fall asleep until midnight!  Holy cow. 

But it was so fun. I can't wait until next year. 

What are your fun family traditions?



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