$10 Find

Yesterday, my MIL and I took Sean, Madi and my niece Reagan out for lunch. We went to this adorable little Mom and Pop restaurant called Peppertree Cafe. I had never eaten there before. I scarfed down a buffalo chicken wrap sandwich and oh goodness was it delicious. And I had a bowl of chicken tortilla soup. YUM.

Madi ate pancakes. And bacon. Sigh. Well at least she ate!

On the way home we saw a Dora toy box along with a Disney Princess light and some books. It was advertised as $10 each item or best off, but the owner said I could have it all for $10.

And I shook her hand and said sold!

I am debating whether or not I want to complete prime and paint over the toybox. What do you all think? Madi loves Dora…..but I wonder how long that will last and if it will fit the decor of her room (which has yet to bed decided).

Hope you guys have a wonderful Tuesday!!!


P.S. Any tips you have for me regarding this toy box would be much appreciated. I am new to the world of repurposed junk.

$10 Find


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