Finish Strong

When I was in high school I ran on the Cross Country team. Why I would subject myself to running on purpose and for a sport I will never know. Actually, the biggest reason I did it was because my boyfriend was on the team. And I wanted to be everywhere he was.

I know. Not a good reason to join a sport. Or do anything for that matter.

But I didn’t hate the sport. In fact I found that I actually enjoyed running. Was I any good? No. I probably came in last at every meet.

I remember one race in particular. It was extremely that day and of course my turn to run was in the middlebof the afternoon. Before the meet I had already told myself that I didn’t want to run. And I had a fight with my boyfriend.

I had already psyched myself out of finishing the race. Finishing strong.

While running all I could think about was the heat, the fight with my boyfriend and how I really did not want to run. So I decided to “injure out.”

Y’all I faked my injury. I think I was halfway through the race when I pretended to trip and roll my ankle. Then I produces big crocodile tears in order to prove I was in too much pain to continue.

And it was then I discovered my true calling as an actress. Just kidding. Sort of.

I thought I would feel better after I stopped running that day. But the truth is I didn’t. I felt worse. I didn’t get to experience the exhiliration the rest of the team experienced when finishing a race. I felt embarrassed when the times were announced and next to my name it stated “Did Not Finish.”

It was a very humbling moment.

Faith is a lot like running a race. A long distance race. This is a marathon, not a sprint. In fact, the Bible makes this comparison in 1 Corinthians 9:24-25 where it speaks to us of attaining the imperishable prize of Christ. To see Him at the end of our journey and to receive our reward in heaven as His children.

That we should remove anything that could trap us and keep us from running this race.

It will be long, sometimes very hard, wrought with difficulty….

But praise Jesus we have many examples to lean on.

And God who began a beautiful work in us when we began this race, this journey of following Him…will complete His good and perfect work in us.

But we have to keep running.


Finish Strong


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