Cusco, Peru

Hello friends!

Thanks to a sweet friend who alerted me to this, I am asking prayers on your behalf for my friend Tracie and her family.

They are missionaries serving in Cusco, Peru and currently experiencing massive rains and flooding. At last mention on her blog ( Cusco was about to declare a state of Emergency. My friend is due with their second child and as of right now are unable to get out of Cusco.

Please friends pray. My heart is anxious as this is my friend but I believe God is in control. If you want to get updates on Cusco, you can check out her blog.

On my knees.



2 thoughts on “Cusco, Peru

  1. tracie says:

    tiffany, thanks for praying for us! it is a very tough situation that everyone is experiencing in Cusco right now. But thankfully, Ricky, Isabella and I are actually in Santiago, Chile (have been here since Christmas). Our plan was for the baby to be born here in Chile.. so we are safe! However, there are many people from our church in Cusco who are worried about their homes and possible mudslides.. continue praying as many residents have lost their homes.
    Love, Tracie

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