My Quotable Kid

Lately, Madi has been saying some really funny things. I have no idea where she comes up with her sayings but she is constantly cracking me and Dan up. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Madi: “What light from yondo window breaks.” Me: “What the….?”

Madi: “See Daddy? I brushed my teeth so people won’t pass out.”

Daddy: “I brushed my teeth Madi.” He blows in her face.
Madi: “Um very good”.

Madi: I need new parents because you are getting old and starting to break.

(Dan and I just about died laughing! I was informed by my dad that they usually wait until they are teenagers to make this statement. We are ahead of the game. Yippie….

As I am doing my workout (plyometrics…whatever that is) it involves me jumping up and down and Madi yells: Careful Mommy! Don’t break our house!

Lol! What are some of the funny things your kids say or do?


My Quotable Kid


One thought on “My Quotable Kid

  1. tracie says:

    Maddy looks so grown up already! I loved reading her little sayings… aren’t girls adorable? Isabella is just getting into talking non-stop and sometimes the funniest things come out!

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