Mommy Was All He Needed

Last week I noticed that Sean had two teeth breaking through the surface of his gums. Needless to say he was not a happy camper. On top of that he got a cold.

So….as you can imagine… week was filled with nursing and comforting a sick and cranky little guy. All he wanted all week was his mommy. He cried for me, clung to me for dear life and only sought solace in my arms while he tried to get over the pain of his new teeth and a cold that stuffed up his tiny little nose.


Yet I found myself reflecting on how much we are so much like little children. When we are in pain, scared, tired or weary we cling to God. We seek solace in His Word and in His promises. We can look just as pitiful to those on the outside of faith. To those who don’t understand why we trust something we can’t see.

I can’t just easily explain away faith to people. I have to live it and have tried to live it out this past decade since I bece a Christian. I do know though that I want to be like Sean. Always seeking and clinging to my Father in heaven. The One who can bring comfort to my soul in time of torment and pain. And One I can being a new life to my heart as He reveals His plans for me.

Sean is feeling much better now. An I have no doubt that during his little cold he felt comforted and relieved that he had his mommy there to comfort him.

I am relieved that I have my Father to cling to.


Mommy Was All He Needed


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