My Wish

Today I got a little emotional while watching Madi sprint around the big tree at her grandparent’s house.

It all started when my FIL was asked to attend his other granddaughter’s Father and Daughter dance. He wants to go….as long as he doesn’t have to dance! I laughed and asked Dad what he would have done if he had all girls instead of all boys.

He said God knew he didn’t dance either.

And then I looked over at my beautiful almost 4 year old and the tears sprang to life in my eyes. And I prayed that God would allow me to grow old. For my children to grow up healthy and happy, to marry a man and a woman who love Jesus. That they would give me grandbabies to spoil. That Dan would get to dance with Madi at her wedding.

These are the kind of far off dreams I find myself longing for.

And I know that just because I want this doesn’t mean I will get them. We live in a fallen world. But even so, I trust that God is still God. That He has my best interests and that He holds my heart in the palm of His hands.

But I do long for those memories. What Mommy doesn’t want her babies to give her grandchildren?

What do you dream for your children?


My Wish


4 thoughts on “My Wish

  1. anita says:

    Absolutely beautiful Tiff! I find myself praying the same things now that I’m a mommy! My how having a baby changes EVERYTHING…even our relationships with God…for the BETTER!

  2. Tiffany Harper says:

    Yes!! Having a baby changes your perspective and even increases your prayer life and oh how you cling to the Father like you never have before. It is like my heart is walking on the outside of my body in the form of Madi and Sean.

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