All About Him

First, I want to thank those of you who read this story of mine. To those who commented and gave encouragement. Even to those who lurked. Thank you for taking a moment to read this blog of mine.

I realize it was a lot about my life. Who I was as a young girl is far from the woman I am today.

But I am still growing. Still trying to let the Creator of the universe mold me into a woman after His own heart. To be like Jesus in every breath of my being.

It is a lifelong process. A process that will not be completed until I see His face either when He returns or when He calls me home.

So for those who may not have a relationship with this God of mine, know that I don’t have it all figured out. That my life is not made complete with roses, sunshine and rainbows.

Even as a believer I have experienced the pain of loneliness, loss and desperation. But admisy all of that I am able to come to one conclusion and it givese peace. It gives my spirit hope.

He is enough.

It is hard to say that in the darkest of nights. When all you want to do is cry, scream and ask why over and over again until your throat is raw and there are no more tears to shed.

But I believe it. And I cling to it.

You see, my story isn’t really my story.

It is His story.

A story of how a loving heavenly Father saw and loved a broken and lost little girl, and intervened in ways that only He can.

Hoe can you explain the longing I felt to be near Him when I walked into that church. The desire for Him?

That doesn’t happen on accident.

All of us have a tale of how we met Christ. Whether we were mere babies or much older in life, He has interwoven our journey so that when we look back and retell it to others we always come face to face with the cross.

With our Savior.

God is good.

No, He is GREAT.

If you feel as if you are on a journey right now, please keep going. Ask those questions and let God lead. Let Him grab ahold of your heart. Cling to Him.

Your life will never be the same.


P.S. If you have your own story, please share. I love hearing of how people came to mee this wonderful God we serve. No story is insignificant.


2 thoughts on “All About Him

  1. momofour says:

    hi Tiff…
    Just wanted to say, I lurke… I read your posts off and on, haven’t been on in awhile. Absolutely love the story you are telling, I remember reading a while back about how you were having trouble putting your thoughts into words ( I believe I commented on it) I have to say, not only does it seem that you have grown tremendously in your life; you are also growing tremendously in your ability to come across exactly the way you wished!! The family looks beautiful!! Look forward to hearing the rest.

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