The Capable Wife

This past week I have been obsessed with studying Proverbs 31:10-31. The capable wife.

She scares me.

In fact, I have often thought of just ripping that passage right out of the bible and pretending it didn’t exist. But then I would completely miss out on an opportunity to learn and grow.

You see, I was always afraid to challenge myself to study her because I believed I would never be able to be that kind of woman. Oh how I want to be her! How I long to be te kind of woman my husband always trust in and be encouraged by. Constantly working joyfully in my home and my environment.

Lately though it seems that I am that wife whose husband would much rather sleep on the roof than be with her.

It hasn’t been pretty.

No, Dan has not been sleeping on the roof.

But I have been struggling with some anger. Mostly it is due to the fact that my life is completely unorganized right now and I am just taking it out on the wrong people.

I believe the Lord prompted me to really study this woman because, well, she is possible. If she was a lofty idea then i don’t believe God would make this passage so important. I believe I can eventually be this kind of woman.

I believe all of us who love our Lord can be this woman.

It just takes work and a willingness to kneel at the feet of God so that He can teach us and mold us into something greater. Into the women He intended us to be.

What passages are gripping your heart right now?



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