Revisiting My Word

In the beginning of the year I shared with all of you the word I had chosen for 2010: Create.

I thought I would revisit the topic and share my progress.

To be honest, the first couple of months in 2010 were spent at my in laws. It was hard for me to create a home when it wasn’t, in fact, my home. Not impossible….but very hard.

But praise God He provided us with a beautiful place in March for us to move into and a place that I could begin to dream, imagine and create into a sanctuary for my family.

I have been so excited these past few weeks to plan and make delicious and healthy meals for us. We all sit atthe table at dinnertime and enjoy each other’s company and share about our day.

I spend moments in the morning scouring the best deals so that I can fill our cupboards and home with the things we will need in order to thrive. We don’t have a ton of money left over, so as the one staying at home it is my responsibility to manage our finances.

I have been able to spend time being with my children and my husband in a relaxed setting…as opposed to rushing around trying to find time together due to tight work schedules. Now I can create precious moments with my family in my own home.

I love it.

There is so much more to imagine with this word that I have chosen. I am excited for God to show me how else I can create and how it pertains to me and my family and ministry.

How are you doing with your chosen word?



2 thoughts on “Revisiting My Word

  1. Amanda Roberts says:

    I love this! Finding a word to give you vision is such a great idea. I’m sure your hubby and kiddos are so blessed by all you do to create a warm and loving home for them! Your diligence with cooking inspires me 🙂 After thinking about it, my word for now is “Peace”. I am not by nature very peaceful internally, but I have noticed that when I try to be peaceful through God’s help, I can be so much more effective in loving people, especially my fam. Thanks for your encouraging thoughts, Tiffany! I will be keeping my new word in mind!

  2. Tiffany Harper says:

    Yeah!! Peace is an excellent word! I am so glad you are joining in! Keep it in your house, have it displayed in places you will see it so that whenever you need a gentle reminder…and scripture that specifically speaks on peace will speak to you as well!
    I hope you are having a beautiful weekend. I absolutely adore you!

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