Madi and Sean


She loves Disney princesses.

Dances around constantly in our living room.

Keeps reminding us every single day that she is four years old and no longer three.

Loves to cuddle and squish her baby brother.

Keeps forgetting that he is only ten months old and tries to pick him up.

Daddy is her favorite buddy right now.

Has a sweet tooth just like her mama.

Can say the Lord's prayer all by herself.

Loves Gigi, God's Little Princess and all Disney Princess movies.

Cannot go to bed without Daddy reading her at least two stories at night.


He will be eleven months old in 2 weeks.

Is already walking around the house.

Loves his sister and adores playing with her.

Loves to rough house.

He gets into EVERYTHING!

Likes to eat anything that is on the floor….it doesn't matter if it is edible or not!

Loves water and will splash like a mad baby the entire time. Poor Mommy is then completely wet.

Cannot sleep without Mommy close by.

Is just now starting to really sleep through the night.

Is already showing his personality.  Let's just say he is going to give me trouble ;).

Gives the best baby kisses ever!


These two are best friends and they are the best little buddies a Mommy could ask for.

Hope you all have a blessed evening!



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