Raising Homemakers

I am so excited because today a new website is launched. For those who have young daughters or are single or newly married and one day want to have children…I believe this site will be a sense of encouragement for you.

Growing up, I was not really trained in how to keep a home.  I don't think my mom was negligent in this area.  When she was growing up both of her parents worked. She and her sister were 10 years apart in age and my  mom, being the oldest, had to take on a lot of responsibility in the house as well as take care of her little sister.  I don't believe my mom has any resentment in having to do that, but I believe she decided early on that if she ever had children, she would not have them do a lot of the things she had to do.

With all that being said, she did expect our rooms to be clean. Immaculate was her favorite word. And it is my least favorite word. HA! We also had chores we had to perform (which we were failures at….so sad) as we got older and could handle more responsibility.

As a kid I truly enjoyed the freedom of having my mom take on a lot of the household duties. But when it came time for me to get married….I had no clue how to do anything! I didn't know how to cook, do laundry or keep a home in order. 

I was in for quite a ride. 

Fortunately, my husband was (and still is) very gracious with my lack of homemaking skills. He politely ate my first meals and helped me do the laundry as well as tidy up the house. 

I have since become a much better homemaker ;).

But now that I have children of my own, especially a daughter, I want her to learn skills early on that she can carry for the rest of her life.  She already desires to cook with me and sometimes will ask to help to laundry. 

But most importantly, she is already learning how important it is to have a relationship with God. And how He is the center of our home and how we lean on Him and trust in Him…and love Him. 

I want to prepare her for singleness, for marriage, for motherhood and for ministry. Whoever the young man is who will marry my daughter has to be a Godly man who loves God. And I want my baby to see what a huge blessing it is to be a stay at home wife and mother. To be the one to teach her children the promises of God and to be able to create a beautiful and loving home for her family.

I know that 20 years from now, the idea of being a homemaker may be nearly extinct.  That is why I feel it is so important to instill and teach and train our daughters at a young age.  Granted, she may have her own ideas as she gets older. She may want to go to college and have a career.  But for right now, my job is to teach her about Jesus and instill life skills so that she can be prepared and ready when the time comes.  

Which is why I am so excited about this new website. It is called Raising Homemakers and I hope to glean a ton of encouragement and tips from women who are walking the same road as I am, or from women who have already walked this road and are ready to share a wealth of information with us!

So come check it out!!!!

Have a blessed Tuesday.



One thought on “Raising Homemakers

  1. Jami says:

    Ooh I love this site and I am soooo exicted to see what they have in store! Have you seen their giveaway today? AMAZING! I want to buy all the Dvd’s off that site! haha

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