Pray For Your Man


 Hello Everyone!

It is challenge #3 over at Women Living Well for the Completing Him Challenge.

How are you all doing?  I am finding, for myself, that this is proving to be a huge challenge to my selfish mindset.  I always want it to be about me and for people to respect me.  To acknowledge how much I do for the family. How much I sacrifice for them.

I can tend to be self absorbed.  

So I am thankful for this challenge.

The challenge this week is to pray for our husbands.  Do you pray for yours?  I am sad to say that I am often so busy praying for everyone else, that I often forget to pray for my man!  So this week he will be my biggest focus.  I am going to pray for his strength, his needs, his heart, for protection, for wisdom, for his reputation….and I am sure I can think of many more.  

I will also be asking him what exactly he needs me to pray for or about.  I should be a safe place for him to share his heart, so I am excited to hear what he has to say and how I can pray for him.  

Are you ready to pray for your man?




3 thoughts on “Pray For Your Man

  1. Courtney@WomenLivingWell says:

    Wonderful! I am so glad to see your committment to pray for your husband! He is blessed to have such a diligent wife! May God bless your home this week!

  2. Tiffany Harper says:

    Maytina I am finding this to be very true! The last few days I have been very surprised at some of the requests. Who knew what was inside my hubby’s heart that he really needed me to pray for. Makes me want to pray for him even more! Thank you for sharing and saying hi!

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