My Dad, A Camera and Sean

My dad has been taking photos since I was a kid.  I have a lot of memories with him and a big camera strapped around his neck, telling the kids to stop and pose for the him.  

I also remember quite a few moments at Disneyland where he had us stand by all the photo perfect spots in the park and we would spend A LONG TIME posing for him when all we wanted to do was go on the rides.  

But I am not bitter. (just kidding Dad hehe.)

My dad is really talented and he has rediscovered his passion for the lens.  I thought I would brag to you all about my daddy and show you a few photos he took of Sean at his birthday party a few weeks ago.

*Please do not copy or borrow images without permission from photographer*

Seans birthday

Probably my favorite photo.  Sean with his Great Grandfather.  He wouldn't let him go. This photo is so precious to the whole family.

Seans birthday 2

Sean loves the water.  These photos truly illustrate Sean's joy while playing at the sprinkler park.

Seans birthday 4

Seans birthday 6

I am excited to see more of my Dad's work.  I know he loves this hobby of his.  I love seeing people I love get excited about the things that make them happy and give them pleasure.  

Good work Dad!!! We love you so much!



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