Lessons Learned While On Vacation


Staying in a small trailer with two children ages four and one is quite possibly the most chaotic and hilarious thing on the planet. Not hilarious to us mind you, but to those watching us trying to contain and quiet down two bundles of energy running around.


If you plan on heading over to Seaport Village and you drive South instead of North, and you see the Mexican flag  up ahead as well as signs stating that the Border is coming up next exit…you have gone too far in the wrong direction. 


SeaWorld is a lot more fun to experience with the kiddos. Especially when you get to freak them out by telling them that Sharks and Whales eat disobedient and rowdy children. Just kidding, we didn't tell them that. Not exactly anyway.


Vacationing with your family and getting away from it all, even if just for a week, is so good for us.  So blessed and excited to have a little family to experience all of these adventures and mishaps with.

Dan and I are so coming back to San Diego for our anniversary in October.    




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