*Edited* Poor Madi is missing her first day due to feeling very sick.  Poor thing. I am hoping she feels much better by next week!*

Today this gorgeous little girl of mine starts preschool.  We have both been very excited about this new adventure of hers.  She has been looking forward to meeting new friends, playing outside, learning how to spell her name and meeting her teacher.  

I have to be honest, I am going to miss this little gal.  She is only going two days a week, but she is such a huge force of energy in the house that her lack of  presence during those days will definitely be felt. On the other hand, I am excited to have some time with just Sean.   

It will be a new adventure for all of us.  

For now, I pray for Madi to have confidence, meet new friends, that she will learn to listen to instruction from someone other than her parents and that she would fall even more in love with Jesus.  

I love you Madi!! I hope you enjoy your first year as a big girl in school.




One thought on “PreSchool

  1. Angie S. says:

    I completely relate to this post. My Chloe started preschool this week, and I’m here with just one-year-old Gavin during those two mornings a week. It’s bittersweet! Hope Madi loves preschool and that she {and mom} are brave! 🙂

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