To Change The World

I know yesterday's post was a little off kilter for me.  I try not to post reactive blogs about things that I read on the internet.  If it bothers me I usually just tell myself that it is their blog and they can write whatever they feel fits their audience.  If I don't like it, then I shouldn't read it.


But I just couldn't stop the overflow that came from my emotions as I read the words on the screen.  Especially since the past couple of weeks I have been reading emotionally charged blog posts from Lisa Jo, Amanda, Ann and Lindsey.  These gals traveled with Shaun Groves and Compassion International to the slums of Guatemala.  To touch the beautiful faces of children. To look hope in the eyes and see that there can be a future for children in the dump. 

That is when I stop my own accusations.  That is when I stop pointing the finger at those who don't do ministry correctly (or as I think they should) and realize that God is moving. And God wants to show me a ripe field ready for harvest.  

If I just stop talking.  

If I move my feet and use my hands more, I just may see more fruit.  The fruit of saved souls. And that I see that it isn't about me. It's about Him.

Not all of us can go with an organization like Compassion to make a difference.  Not all of us will have that kind of opportunity to travel around the world in order to change it.  But we do have hands. We do have feet.  We have resources. We have blogs.  We have hearts. 

We have God.

Whether we seek to meet the needs of those who live in foreign countries, or try to reach those in our very own backyards, my hope is that I start reading more everyday about lives being changed.

Hope that was once considered impossible to obtain by the hopeless can be grasped and clung to. That those who were hanging by a thread in this life due to addictions, abuse, hatred, insecurity can be released by the healing power of Jesus Christ.  

I want to read more posts on twitter about baptisms, those coming to Christ.  I get excited by those posts.  I don't care if it is just one person. That is one person who has been saved from the pit of hell. That is changing the world.  

We can choose to sit on the sidelines and watch what God is doing, or we can allow ourselves to be used by God in what He is doing.

The choice is ours.



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