Just A Bunch of Randomness

*The E key on my keyboard is not working so well right now. I am just slightly frustrated. And it probably will make typing this post very difficult.  Ha!

*Had an amazing dinner with Dan's family at Northwood's Inn to celebrate Dan's birthday (which is on October 5th)

*Digging some loveliness over at Ruche right now.  I wish my clothing budget was just slightly larger, but hey it's all good.

*Have you all been reading Ann Voskamp's blog?  If you have never heard of her, please run to her site.  I promise you won't be disappointed. 

*Had my first experience at Goodwill today.  I loved it, except for the fact that it was their grand opening in that location and it was CROWDED! Oh my gosh.  Note to self: don't take two small babes into Goodwill grand openings.  They might get crushed by the crazies with their carts. 

*Going to a baby shower for a friend tomorrow. I can't wait to see her and her sweet belly.  

*By the way I totally have baby fever.  Hoping to convince the hubby to try for another one next year ;).

Want to share your random thoughts with me?


P.S. And of course as I am finishing this post up the E key is now working properly.  Such is life ;).


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