Oh To Not Be Lazy

I am going to let you in on a little secret.

Sometimes, I'm lazy. *gasp* I know. It totally shocked you didn't it.  

I apologize.

But the truth is I am just not that motivated of a person.  Oh, I can dream up big ideas and plans and to do lists.  I am very type A that way. And if there is a deadline that something has to be done or completed by, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be done way ahead of time.

Because I don't like to procrastinate. I absolutely, positively hate procrastination.  I don't need the extra anxiety in my life.

But when it comes to things like keeping my house clean, creating and sticking to a budget, creating a menu then following that menu plan for dinner….and all the other things I can think of in regards to keeping my home and family in order…I am one lazy gal.

I don't desire to be this way. But the truth is I am.  And I am working on it.

Last night, I spoke to the gals of Illuminate about the industrious, creative, resourceful spirit of God's beautiful woman (Proverbs 31:13-16).  I was so convicted in my study, to see how unlike her at times I can be.  This woman is not lazy in any sense.  She works with pleasure using her hands to create beautiful clothing for her family and for merchants to sell (Proverbs 31:13). She sets her sights on the merchant ships everyday to bring in delicious and nutritious delicacies for her family to enjoy as food (Proverbs 31:14).  And she didn't do this just once a day, but daily. She did not have the luxury of a refrigerator and freezer in her home. 

We see this beautiful woman get up really early before anyone else to supply food for her household and make a plan for the day, knowing that she only has so many precious hours to complete her tasks (Proverbs 31:15).  She didn't spend her time on the computer, text messaging her girlfriends or sitting on the couch watching Food Network (so guilty of this one!). She did not waste precious hours given to her by her Heavenly Father.  

In Proverbs 31:16, we see God's beautiful woman make  a business deal.  She buys a field and plants a vineyard. A VINEYARD!  I can barely keep potted plants alive.  Praise the Lord I can keep my children alive. I think that is even harder, especially when you have a fifteen month old who loves to climb on furniture and believes he is invincible and tries to dive off.  I pray that we don't see the ER anytime soon.  He is a stinker that boy of mine.

Sorry, I got off track.  I tend to do that sometimes.  ;).

When I look at verse 16, I believe this woman had a big dream.  A dream she shared with her husband.  She wanted to make sure it was his dream as well.  They dreamed together of building their family and of making profitable and beneficial decisions.  I am sure as she planted and tilled and worked with her hands in her vineyard, she dreamed of all the possibilities this vineyard had.  Of what it could possible do her for her families well being and future.  She longed to make them secure and happy and well off.  She sacrificed and worked hard in order to make those dreams come true for her family.  

Oh how I desire to be like this beautiful, creative and non lazy woman.  I am going to work so much harder, using the gifts and talents and hours God gives me in order to make my dreams come true for my family.  

Will you join me? =)



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