Fashion According to Madison

The past few days I have been taking pictures of Madi and her fashion choices.  I think it is absolutely hilarious that she loves to put together her own outfits.  She has some rules too and she doesn't believe in always matching or even coordinating.  Funky is definitely the way to go sometimes. 

Fashionable Madi

This is today's outfit.  She wanted to wear the scarf and her purple dress today.  I told her she had to layer since it was kind of chilly.  I think she looks adorable.  Even with her pink scarf.  But hey purple and pink go together in our world.

Madi and fashion

This was a few days ago while out with the family.  Polka dot dress, skull and cross bone (the girly ones) baby legs and black shoes.  Dan raised his eyebrows at this outfit and wasn't sure he wanted to be seen with such a thrown together outfit.  But hey…when you are four, sometimes you have to experiment!


You remember this outfit.  The winter-esque boots  and hat with her shorts and t-shirt. She loves this outfit.  I have no idea why. But she still looks cute.

Here are Madi's fashion rules:

*Any color goes together.  They are all a part of the rainbow right?

*Accessories are a must. No outfit is really complete without a little something special.

*There is really no need to do too much with your hair especially if it is curly.  Wild hair is cool.

=). Enjoy your weekend friends! I hope this made you giggle!  I wish I was as brave as Madi in her fashion choices.



4 thoughts on “Fashion According to Madison

  1. Katie says:

    Found you through the blogher headlines. My 4 year old often has that same sense of fashion. Though usually she’ll find things that have at least one color similar in them even if it’s polka dots with stripes that both have the same color in them.

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