Have You Been Watching?

For those of us over the age of 25, we remember the rescue of baby Jessica many, many years ago.  I remember sitting with my mom and dad as they were glued to the tv screen watching the rescue of a little baby who fell down a hole.  

Many of us have been thinking and praying for the Chilean Miners who have spent the past two months of their lives separated from family and friends while being trapped in a mine.  

This is a huge moment. Keep praying and watching.  If you can't watch on TV, here is the link to CNN who I believe is broadcasting this live.





2 thoughts on “Have You Been Watching?

  1. Kelly Burton says:

    I was also thinking of baby Jessica as we watched the rescues. I told my husband, “Imagine that elation, 33 times over!”
    God is the God of miracles…and His miracle here was the community these men built. May it be a continuing inspiration.
    PS: I found you via my BlogHer sidebar. nice to ‘meet’ you!

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