Our Weekend Together in a Collage


Our weekend in San Diego was amazing. It was so nice to just be together and go out whenever we felt like without having to pack a diaper bag. ha!!!  We haven't been able to do that for a few years.  We felt like kids again!

We stayed in an old hotel called the Ramada Inn  in the Gaslamp District.  The Hotel even had an old school elevator! So awesome. We ate yummy Mexican, Italian and Thai food.  So amazing were our meals this weekend. We don't even want to think about the calories we consumed.

I ate a heavenly cupcake at Heavenly cupcake . Pumpkin cupcake with ginger cream cheese frosting if you wanted to know ;). 

We headed out to Sea World. We got soaked on a ride we didn't realize was a water ride. (Note to everyone…Journey To Atlantis is in fact a water ride.  Don't make our mistake.)

We fed dolphins and walked around enjoying the sights.

Of course we shopped. Btw..Lucky Brand jeans are having a great sale. I got a pair of jeans that were regularly $99 for $11.95. STEAL! 

We practically walked everywhere around Downtown.  What a gorgeous area.  We would so come again!

What did you do this past weekend?



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