Festivities and Gal Pals

It has begun!!!

All the fun festivities that happen during the Holiday season.  On Friday, I went to Shebrews, which is a fabulous event put on by the Women's ministry at our church.  This was my first time attending (I know right?) and I absolutely loved it.  I will definitely be attending again.

Last night was the Knott Avenue Staff Christmas party.  I got to hang out with these gals:


Yep…they are all gorgeous.  ;) The one on the far left is married with a sweet little baby boy. The two in the middle are single.  

And now they are going to kill me for saying that ;). Heeeeeee!

And the highlight of the evening was watching Dan (who usually doesn't enjoy playing games) compete in Minute to Win It!



Totally. Awesome.

Have you had any Holiday events lately?  



4 thoughts on “Festivities and Gal Pals

  1. Amanda Roberts says:

    It was a fun night! Those games were hilarious! It is always a joy to see you, Tiff! You ladies are all so beautiful. Be prepared to get some applications from guys who want to take our lovely friends out… πŸ˜‰
    Aaron and I are looking forward to our family celebrations, and hopefully a date to Disneyland while all the decorations are still up. πŸ™‚

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